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29: Obama Accounting: Why Is the US So Entangled with Al-Qaida?--5

Mohamed Atta, the Egyptian Al-Qaida hijacker-suicide pilot who flew American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, is again in the news. FoxNews Megyn Kelly interviewed Army Reserve Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer of the Able Danger Al-Qaida tracking project and former CIA agent Mike Baker. The question was how Mohamed Atta was able to elude US military, CIA, and other intelligence agencies to pilot the Boeing 767 into the World Trade Center in 2001, after being known as an Al-Qaida agent linked to Osama bin-Laden since 1999.

The answer is likey to be part ideology, part strategy, part tactics. US intelligence may not have understood Mohamed Atta's commitment to Al-Qaida.

Atta graduated in architecture at Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt in 1990. Then he became a member of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Engineering Syndicate. His father, a civil and Sharia lawyer, sent him to Germany to continue his studies. Atta felt skyscrapers in Cairo were disrupting the fabric of the city, a "shabby symbol of Egypt's haphazard attempts to modernize and it's shameless embrace of the West".

Atta began a strict Islamic diet in 1992 and began going to the mosques, radicalizing into a militant Islamic. While attending school at the Technical University of Hamburg, Germany, he joined Al-Quds Mosque. Atta formed the Al-Qaida Hamburg Cell with Ramzi Binalshibh, Osama bin-Laden liaison and planner, Marwan al-Shehhi and Zaid Jarrah, members of his "plane bombing" project.

In 1996, angered by the Israeli "Grapes of Wrath" attack on Lebanon, Atta made a will. The will bound him to Al-Quds Mosque, "a harsh, uncompromising, fundamentalist militant version of Sunni Islam". In making the will, "he offered his life" to Al-Qaida, a Sunni, puritanical sect of Wahhabism Islam.

Atta traveled to Afghanistan and met Osama bin-Laden and other Al-Qaida operatives between 1997 and 1999. Atta returned to Germany in 1999. Abu Hofs of Al-Qaida said Atta was a suitable candidate for the "planes operation", since Atta was well-educated and had experience living in western society.

What US intelligence does not seem to really understand is the US Judeo-Christian--Islamic difference in "offering one's life". Making "the ultimate sacrifice" in the West is done to save one's troops. Al-Qaidas offer their lives and those of their "troops" in a suicide mission to harm their enemy. Atta's commitment was made 5years before 9/11/2001; it was unwavering.

Atta, the "planes operation" leader, spend 2 years preparing and planning to execute his Al-Qaida plot on September 11, 2001. The first step was to report his passport missing on his return to Germany from Afghanistan, to obscure his Al-Qaida link. In Berlin Germany, Atta applied for and received a US visa the next day, a 5-1/2 year B1/B2 visa for tourist and business purposes, by May 17, 2000.

2000, the first year, was devoted to the necessary flight training. Atta had emailed 50-60 flight school inquiries from Germany by the end of March, 2000. Atta chose Huffman Aviation of Lakeland, Florida.

Atta took a bus trip from Germany to Prague, Czechoslovakia on June 2, 2000. He flew to Newark, New Jersey the next day. Once in the US, Atta rented rooms, apartments, and cars frequently. He used diversionary paths, "zigzagging" from airports and planes to rental cars and driving, to arrive at his destinations.

Atta started flight school in July, 2000, took solo flights by the end of the month. He earned his "instrument ratings" by November, 2000. Atta obtained a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) commercial pilot's license by December, 2000.

In December, 2000, Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi ordered mail order jet flight manuals and took jet simulator sessions at other airports and airlines.

Mishaps included an abandoned Piper Cherokee at Miami International Airport 12/26/2000. Despite this, Sun Trust Bank accounts, a large amount wire transfer from a United Arab Emirate liaison of known terrorist Omari Sheikh Sayed (aka Mustafa Muhammed Admad), Atta flew under the radar throughout 2000.

Atta traveled back and forth from Tarragon, Spain to Florida and Georgia in 2001, for additional planning sessions with Binalshibh and others. Around April, 3, 2001, Atta greeted the 19 Al-Qaida "muscle hijackers", who most likely attacked the passengers on American Airlines Flight 11 and the other 3 jetliners during the coordinated attacks on "9/11".

Another "red flag" came on 4-16-2001 when Atta received a Florida (FL) citation for driving without a valid driver license. He applied and received one on 5-2-2001 at Lauderdale Lakes, FL.

From Lauderdale, Atta flew to Boston, MA, then to San Francisco, CA, then Las Vegas, NV to meet Al-Qaida associates. Atta flew back and forth from Europe, including Zurich, Switzerland, where he withdrew 1700 Swiss francs from an ATM at a stopover, to Madrid, Spain and back to Florida.

Another "red flag" came on August 13, 2001, when Atta's FL driver license was revoked "in absentia" for failure to show-up for the April "no valid DL" ticket.

Atta was a frequent flyer passenger on commercial airlines or drove long distances, over 3,000 miles, in rental cars almost weekly throughout 2001. His itinerary was hectic as he made "surveillance flights" to learn commercial jet routines on various airlines in various locations in the US. Foreign flights seem to be related to meeting Binalshibh, bin-Laden's liaison, and other Al-Qaida links for continued planning for the "planes" project.

Atta had flown as a passenger on commercial US domestic or international jetliners on a monthly basis in the 2 years prior to "9/11". He and Shehhi had attended flight school, had obtained a commercial pilot's license from the FAA, had taken simulated jetliner sessions, traveled to, rented in, or visited at least 8 states in the US. Atta had traveled back and forth from at least 4 foreign countries. Atta and his Al-Qaida links lived very public lives in the US from May, 2000 through September 11, 2001.

In the final days, Atta flew US Airways from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Baltimore, MD on 9/7/2001, sent $3,000 and $5,000 from Safeway and Giant groceries in Laurel, MD to Mustafa Muhammud Admad (Omari Syed) in Dubai on 9/8/2001.

On 9/9/2001 Atta drove to Boston, MA in a rented Nissan Maxima to pick up Al-Qaida associate Omari at the Milner Hotel. Then they drove to Portand, Maine where they stayed at the Comfort Inn. On 9/11/2001 Atta left the Nissan at the Portland International Jetport and flew Colgan Air on an early morning flight to Boston, MA.

At Boston's Logan International Airport, Atta was selected by "Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System" (CAPPS) for extra screening for baggage explosives. But there was no further passenger screening at the boarding security checkpoint.

Atta arrived at Terminal B South on US Airways and went to the American Airlines departing gate on Terminal B North. The 2 gates were not connected by security.

Atta received a 6:45AM call from Marwan al-Shehhi to confirm the "9/11" attacks. He went through passenger security twice.

American Airlines Flight 11 had 81 passengers aboard when it departed Logan International Airport at 7:59AM. Atta had Business class seat 8D.

The cockpit responded normally to Boston Air Traffic Control (ATC) at 8:13:47AM with a request to change course. Atta began the attack at 8:14AM, 15 minutes into the flight, at beverage service.

American Airlines Flight 11 pilots stopped responding to ATC requests for change in course as the plane began deviating from its flight path. At 8:18AM flight attendants Betty Ong and Madeline Amy Sweeney made cellphone calls to American Airlines to report no communication with the cockpit and passenger injuries.

At 8:23 ATC asked the airliner to reply: "Is that American 11?" Atta was heard on the airlines radio, saying "Buddy...Buddy...We have some planes. Just stay quiet and you will be OK. We are returning to the airport..." At 8:33AM, the air traffic controller asked "Who is trying to call me here? American 11, are you trying to call?" Atta's voice was heard saying: "Nobody move please. We are going back to the airport. Nobody make any stupid moves please." The transponder turned off at 8:28AM.

American Airlines Flight 11 had a flight duration of 1hr:47min before crashing into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46:40AM, the first of 2 jetliners to crash into the World Trade Center.

Atta's bags remained at Logan International Airport. They contained airline uniforms, Atta's will, instructions, and motivational statements. Atta wrote:
"You must make your knife sharp and you must not discomfort your animal during the slaughter". Atta's instructions had the cold-blooded intensity of a manual written for a Halal butcher.

The horror of the 9/11/2001 coordinated attacks must not be forgotten. Atta, too, most likely seemed to be a moderate Muslim, busily touring the US while training to be a commercial airline pilot for a job waiting for him at home.

On June 2, 2002 ABC News interviewed Johnelle Bryant, former loan officer at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in South Florida. Bryant recognized Muhamed Atta's newspaper photograph as that of a man who approached her to finance a "crop duster purchase, twin engine, 6-passenger aircraft & remove seats". Her records indicate Atta approached USDA between the 3rd week of April and the 3rd week of May, before his official visa arrival into the US.

Atta asked Bryant about the Pentagon, the White House, and about security at the World Trade Center, which he stated he wanted to visit. Atta also told Bryant about Osama bin-Laden, "this man would someday be known as the world's greatest leader". Atta told her Al-Qaida needed US memberships.

Bryant contacted authorities and passed a lie detector test.

Mohamed Atta's 2-year long, busy, public itinerary in the US and Europe, his passport, visa, and driver license irregularities, basic and advanced flight school and FAA commercial pilot's license, and his bold hints to another government agency were not heeded.

The unfamiliar, often duplicated and reversed, mulitple names used by Al-Qaida radical Islamists in the USA may help screen their activities. The enormous sums of money Al-Qaida agents spend help them go through airports, rental car companies, hotels, restaurants, and restaurant bars in the US quickly and easily.

Another source believes Mohamed Atta, a trim man of average height, with a distinctive face, an unchanging but quietly angry affect, possibly was in the US much earlier. In about 1991-1992, two men who looked like Mohamed Atta and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed were introduced as Internal Medicine or Cardiology doctors in training programs at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio. Both visited MetroHealth Medical Center, Cleveland, OH for Friday Cardiology lunch lectures. Mohamed Atta reportedly has an older sister who is a medical doctor, who may have been able to help arrange this.

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation recently expanded to Las Vegas, Nevada, city of gambling for quick money. Mohamed Atta and other al-Qaida agents traveled to meet in Las Vegas, possibly to finance Al-Qaida projects. Perhaps these links could reveal more information about past and future Al-Qaida plots against the US and the West.

Satellite video surveillance on US commercial airliners, in the cockpit and the passengers cabin, might not have saved American Airlines Flight 11 passengers and crew from horrible death by boxcutter or whatever Al-Qaida "muscle hijackers" did. But video surveillance would have made it possible to confirm the murder of the passengers and crew to allow the military to shoot American Airlines 11 out of the sky before impact over 1 hour later at the World Trade Center.

Graphic: Detour sign from Chase's Calendar of Events, 2010.

Other references:, ABC News,

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28: Obama Accounting: Why is the US So Entangled with Al-Qaida?--4

The US has become entangled in the wars of the Middle East: in the Arab-Israel Wars, the Lebanon Muslim vs. Christian conflict, the Muslim Sectarian Wars in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, now Afghanistan again. So entangled, that most US citizens, politicians, or government bureaucrats do not recognize the similarities at home.

Undocumented travelers or illegals crossing borders is a significant part of the problem in the Middle East. Muslims of different sects and national origin rush over borders to overthrow other Arab governments. Al-Qaida has become the primary ideological and action organization for these efforts. Iran-based Hamas fights wars in the Gaza Strip against Israel.

In the US, Hamas raises money from US naturalized, student and worker visa holding Muslims, foreign Muslims living in the United States, and sympathizers to fight al-Qaida's wars in the Middle East. The Near Ground Zero Fitness Center/Mosque experince illustates how entrenched, well-financed, and politically connected many sectarian al-Qaida-linked Muslims living in the United States have become.

William J. Clinton Administration's offers of "dual citizenship", depite the smaller 1993 World Trade Center vehicle bombing, have allowed Muslims to live very successfully. Many continue to organize Muslim "inroads" in the United States and to support Muslim revolutionary groups in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Canada.

US oil and other business trading in the Middle East started earlier. By 1973 OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) and Arab oil-producing nations, had raised gasoline prices in the US, Britain, and the West creating financial stresses on Western domestic economies. Gasoline prices have increased from 69 cents per gallon of 87% octane regular to $2.69 per gallon this morning, a better price than in some parts of the US.

Huge money losses domestically, while some US citizens "made money" in the oil trades on Wall Street has significantly contributed to US domestic and financial stresses. Business dealings with the Middle East from George H.W. Bush's Abscam through George W. Bush Administration's Halliburton issues have provided many media stories. There are so many stories of conflict of interest and corruption, seemingly on a daily basis. Few journalists have been able leave their more entrenched positions on the left or the right wings to describe the damage to the US and the US economy.

There has to be a better way than to have US and Western military follow al-Qaida fighting from one attack site to another. This month Western anti-terrorist forces follow al-Qaida to new terror targets, perhaps somewhere in Europe or Africa. In the US, uniformed special security forces will be seen on Amtrak trains, to deter al-Qaida efforts here.

Is the goal in the Middle East to protect the Christian and Jewish populations in this region of the origin of 3 major religions, Judaism, Chritianity, and Islam? What if the only way to end US loss of life and money in the Middle East is to find a new home for the Christians and the Jews outside of the Middle East? Then it would be wise for the West to also send the Muslims home to their Muslim countries of origin to fight their sectarian wars, while the West regains domestic and financial peace and stability.

The US and other Western economies are now being "decoupled" from the faster growing "third world" country economies. Why not also separate and repatriate?

The United States of America is not the United Nations. The United Nations obviously is too large and too diverse to govern. Countries continue to opt in and opt out of the United Nations when their interests cannot be respected or maintained.

Western countries have reached political and financial crisis points, patiently trying to integate often violent ethnic groups who seek to overthrow or take control, rather than become part of existing democratic structures of Western government.

US citizens are losing their civil liberties as police become too involved in the every day lives of citizens. More uniformed security guards or police on Amtrak trains tells the story of a slowly developing phase of "martial law" during efforts to prevent al-Qaida or other terrorist attacks.

White, mainstream US citizens are stopped or questioned by traffic police more frequently, as often as monthly or even weekly, as over 13 Million undocumented travelers or illegals pour across the US borders.

Most US citizens are accustomed to carrying their Driver License, to prevent unnecessary inconvenience when stopped by police. It is hard for most US citizens to understand why illegals do not do the same.

All the illegal needs to do is to go to their immigration office for the proper travel permit, go to the US immigration office to present their country of origin identification, pay the Passport fee, follow the process for citizenship, and, of course, get onto the taxpayer list in the United States of America.

The creation of factory, sales, and other business jobs would be more conducive to a peaceful, productive society than federal funding of additional police jobs. These jobs would be better accepted by US citizens if related to solving the illegal issues, and to prevent undocumented possible foreign terrorists from freely traveling, rather then stopping and questioning US citizens.

Graphic: Detour sign, Chase's Calendar of Events, 2010.

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27: Obama Accounting: Why is the US So Entangled with Al-Qaida?--3

Muslims have been fighting each other for control of predominantly Muslim countries and countries into which Muslims have migrated since about 817AD. There is enormous historical rage within Islam over "which way is the right way".

Israel became a focus for Muslim rage during the Jewish migration from Nazi Germany and Europe in the 1930s. As Great Britain recognized the independence of Arab and other colonies, historical disputes became more pronouced. The Jewish migration back to the "Holy Land" from Europe in the 1930s and 1940s brought increased pressure into the area.

Great Britain asked the United Nations for help. In about 1947, borders or partitioning for land for Christians, who also lived in the Middle East, and for Jews, present in the Holy Land but then with an increasing population, were established. The state of Israel was created.

Both Christians and Jews are minority populations in Palestine. Only about 7% are Christian, only about 1% is Jewish. Other Muslim migrated to Palestine to intensify the struggle over land and government influence.

The US became more heavily involved due to increased Muslim vs. Christian tensions in Lebanon, spreading to other areas from 1979 to about 1991. The US fought one of the last "third world wars" in Afghanistan against Communist Soviet (USSR United Soviet Socialist Republics) military about the same time, ending in about 1989.

In the 1980s Afghanistan war against the USSR, access to oil for gasoline, became a significant item for US vs. USSR competition, as well as being a foreign natural resource sought by British and US oil companies.

With withdrawal of foreign military, Muslim sectarian conflict intensified. The Taliban took control, but was recognized by only a few Arab Muslim countries. There was no stable government in Afghanistan for about 7 years following the USSR withdrawal.

From August, 1988 through 1989, "the late Abu ebeida El-Banashiri established the trining camps for our mujahideen against Russia's terrorism. We used to call the training camp Al-Qaida", from the Arabic "qa'idah" for foundation or base, or military base. Osama bin-Laden says al-Qaida was established "by mere chance...The name stayed."

Former British Foreign Secretary Robin cook said al-Qaida should be translated "the database", a reference to computer files of thousands of mujahideen militants recruited and trained by the CIA to help defeat the Russians.

After the withdraw of the Soviet from Afghanistan and the collapse of the Soviet Russian economy in about 1989, the US remains in Afghanistan. Against the Soviets, the US was an ally to Muslims, like CIA operative Osama bin-Laden and thousands of other Muslims. Now the Muhajahideen Muslims face the US as an enemy.

Obviously, there are personal connections. In November, 1989, Ali Mohamed, a former Special Forces Sargent stationed in Fort Bragg left the military for Santa Clara, CA. Later Ali Mohamed went to Afghanistan and Pakistan, to become "deeply involved in bin-Laden's plans".

About a year later, on November 8, 1990, the FBI raided the New Jersey home of Ali Mohamed's associate El-Sayyid Nosair. The FBI found evidence of terrorist plots including plans to blow up NYC skyscrapers. Nosair later was indicted for his connection to the 1993 World Trade Center vehicle bombing and the murder of Israel's Rabbi Meir Kahane on November 5, 1990.

In 1991, Ali Mohamed helped bin-Laden move to the Sudan.

The entanglements between soldiers, first as allies, then as enemies, foreign Muslims living in the US and "the West" as students or visa workers, US citizens who have become Muslims in the US or elsewhere, whether as recruits throughout the "black civil rights movement" or recruits to al-Qaida and Islam recently during the Middle East conflicts are mindboogling.

62% of al-Qaida operatives are university educated. Al-Qaida operatives spend enormous amounts of money taking flying lessons, flying on commercial airlines around the world, renting cars, buying "safe houses". This is a violence not based on poverty or lack of education.

The difficulty in reaching some conclusion to the Middle Eastern conflict may be more complex. If it is due to the joining of US Muslims, in the US military, affirmative action government and other office hires, recruited during the "black civil rights movement", into the worldwide Muslim Jihad, different approaches may be needed.

"Loyalty oaths", "The Pledge of Allegiance" and other pro-USA loyalty statements are performed easily by mainstream Americans. But these have become daily issues for the ACLU (American Civil Liberty Union) and other lawyer groups in lawsuits brought by ethnic and other groups in the US against the USA. But if the USA is the next al-Qaida target economically, politically, or militarily, loyalty oaths may become necessary.

Graphic: Detour sign, Chase's Calendar of Events, 2010.


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26: Obama Accounting: Why is the US so Entangled with Al-Qaida?--2

Jamal al-Fadl, former Osama bin-Laden employee convicted under RICO (Racketeer Influenced Crime Organizations) laws, released another 5 keys to understanding Al-Qaida:

6. A key Al-Qaida goal is a complete break from foreign influence in Muslim countries.

7. A key Al-Qaida goal is the creation of a new Islamic "Caliphate" or empire in Middle East and later worldwide.

8. Al-Qaida believes the Christian-Jewish alliance, embodied in the US-Israel alliance, is conspiring to destroy Islam.

9. Al-Qaida believes the killing of bystanders and civilians is religiously justified in Jihad. Al-Qaida also believes the killing of "apostate" non-fundamentalist Islamic Muslims leaders in Muslim countries is justified during this time.

10. Al-Qaida is the paramilitary and ideological fundamentalist Muslim organization
which will achieve the "centralization of decision and decentralization of execution" during the creation of the fundamentalist Muslim Caliphate throughout the group of Muslim countries. There are now 56 UN-recognized Arab countries.

In addition:
11. As Shukhajuma H. Adnan, formerly a South Florida mechanic trainee, describes it:
the Mujahideen of international fundamentalist Islam recruit Muslim warriors to al-Qaida to fight "American Crimes". "American Crimes" includes what fundamentalist Muslims understand to be the USA's vices of sex, drugs, women's participation in society, and US presence in Muslim countries, particularly the military, whether invited by Muslim leaders or not.

Graphic: Detour sign, Chase's Calendar of Events, 2010.


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25: Obama Accounting: Why Is the US So Entangled with Al-Qaida?--1

The United States of America and her citizens lives are on hold, on a long, dangerous, deathly, and expensive detour from normal American life because of al-Qaeda and the worldwide Muslim Jihad. Why?

Reason One: the US may not be familiar with al-Qaeda's goals. A better understanding of al-Qaeda's goals will help the US to develop a better plan against al-Qaeda.

On March 11, 2005, Al-Quds Al-Arabi released this 5 stage summary from Saif al-Adel's document, "Al-Qaeda's Strategy to the Year 2020".

1. Provoke the US into invading a Muslim country.
2. Incite local resistance to the occupying (US, NATO) forces.
3. Expand the conflict to neighboring countries and engage the US in a long war of attrition.
4. Convert al-Qaeda into an ideology and set of operating principles which can be loosely franchised in other countries, without direct command and control. Then attack countries allied with the US until US allies withdraw from conflict.
(Al-Qaeda saw success with this strategy in the 2004 Madrid, Spain train bombings, interpreting Spain's reply as withdraw from the US. Al-Qaeda did not see success in the same strategy in the July 7, 2005 London bombings.)
5a. US economy will finally collapse under the strain of too many engagements in too many places, similar to the result in the earlier war in Afghanistan.
5b. Arab regimes suppported by the US will collapse.
5c. Wahhabi Caliphate will be installed.

If the US interrupts al-Qaeda's plan at any stage, al-Qaeda will face defeat.

It is important to note Step 5c. Al-Qaeda's goal is to establish a Middle Eastern Muslim empire, the Wahhabi Caliphate.

The larger goal is to establish a worldwide Muslim Caliphate by bankrupting the US, by causing a large number of war sites around the world over a prolonged time. The large influx of Muslims into the United States of America, and Canada as a northern access border, during this time must be considered as the early stages of a Muslim invasion to establish the Caliphate. The Near Ground Zero Fitness Center/Mosque has great significance for Muslims, and obviously for US Citizens, in this context.

While US soldiers are off at war, the Muslims, many of whom are included in the over 13 Million undocumented international travelers, the illegals, cross our borders, from the south from Mexico, from the north from Canada, and by boat along our eastern and western coasts.

News alerts on October 1, 2010 warn that Europe is under threat in Germany, France, and Britain. Also, Osama bin-Laden reportedly has released new videotaped commentary requesting aid for Pakistan flood victims and urging al-Qaeda action. Currently, Osama bin-Laden targeted Saudi Arabia, his country of origin, from which he was exiled for condemning the deployment of US troops against Iraq during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the House of Saud (Saudi Arabia).

The danger of Muslim immigration and mixing populations also is evident in the European threats. Muslims in Germany have become very involved. Al-Qaeda attackers met at the Hamburg, Germany mosque, recently closed, to plan the Ground Zero plane bombing attacks. Mohamed Atta, an Egyptian, was a German student, prior to piloting American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

US citizens, known for humanitarian aid around the world and as a safe haven for immigrants from war-torn nations, would be naive to overlook al-Qaeda's international plan for fundamentalist Muslim conquest.

Virtue is lost by a tolerance which exposes one to risk of loss of life and freedom.

Graphic: Detour sign, Chase's Calendar of Events, 2010.

Other references:, ABC

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24: Obama Accounting: National Referendum to Save the American Democracy.

Wake up to the seriousness of the issues facing the United States of America. The American Democracy depends upon an aware electorate, voters who educate themselves on the issues and the politicians whom the voters select to represent them in government.

Participatory Democracy is the best system of government. But its survival depends on honest, aware representatives who understand the issues and vote in the legislature with the will of the people.

Politicians like William Jefferson Clinton, one of Barack Obama's Democratic Party mentors, recently on the campaign trail, took the power from the people by saying: "We need individuals who think and do what's right for you".

Obama clearly follows this political dictum. A majority of Americans rejected Obamacare, including the IRS penalty for those who disagree with Obama mandate to purchase insurance. But, Obama and most of the Democrats pushed the bill through the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The question for the Republicans is: "wasn't there a way to keep this bill in committee to discuss the objections, or to delay its passage?" Some estimate it will take as long as 2 years to repeal the bill. Meanwhile, many Americans have lost coverage or are forced to pay more for coverage, as many in the insurance industry also find the rules too expensive to continue to do business.

Some years ago Ross Perot proposed a national computerized referendum for voters to directly participate in government. The idea was dropped. Perot later sold some of his computer business and developed other interests.

Many politicians and bureaucrats would prefer to make rules for the people and spend the money out of the people's wallets, taxes and more, like mandated insurance. Obamacare is a good example of legislation that should not have been passed by proponents over the people's objections. It also can be a good starting point for the development of a National Referendum Participatory Democracy.

It may be an essential part of the plan to save America, from a change to a communist "state capitalism" of elite politicians and bureaucrats seeking personal profit from "public service", paid government work.

Ecuador today faces a "state of seige" by a police insurgency. Over 800 police, angry over discontinued medals and bonuses at promotion and an additional 2 year wait to 7 years between promotions, attacked Ecuador President Rafael Correa. Police shoved the President, doused him with water, then tear gas during his speech at a police barracks in Quito, Ecuador.

Correa, still recovering from knee surgery 1 week ago, was taken to a Quito hospital. Leaders from Ecuador and Venezuela President Hugo Chavez fear that Correa is held by rebel police in the hospital. Peru President Alan Garcia has shut the border with Ecuador, until Correa's "democratic authority" is restored.

Political rivals have denounced the police insurgency. General Ernesto Gonzalez, Commander of Ecuador's armed forces, declared loyalty to President Correa. The government has put the military in charge of public order, suspending civil liberties, and allowing soldiers to carry out searches.

Schools and business have shut down. Looting has been reported in the capital. At least 2 banks have been sacked.

Police insurgents have shut down the Mariscal Sucre airport and have blocked highways to the capital with burning tires in the nationwide police "strike".

The Organization of American States (OAS) fears a "coup d'etat" is in progress, in the fifth year of democracy under President Rafael Correa in this South American country of 14 million.

Americans in Ecuador are instructed to stay where they are, if safe.

This is an frightening illustration of a police insurgency, rioting state employees, willing to destroy their country to protest budgetary benefit cuts. Ecuador has 40,000 police officers.

Americans must seriously consider downsizing government to maintain peace at home in these volatile and difficult financial times.

9/30/2010 Corrections: One political opponent, Mayor Jumi Nebat of Guayaquil, called a news conference to denounce the police insurgency. The airport was closed by the military pictured on runways. The police blocked highways to the capital city with roadblocks of burning tires.

Graphic: Chase's Calendar of Events, 2010.

Other references: Yahoo!News AP, 9/30/2010.

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23: Obama Accounting: "State Capitalism" vs. Private Capitalism in Employment.

The "Charticle" graph to the left dramatically depicts the Obama Administration shift from private enterprise American capitalism employment to "state capitalism", an early form of socialist/communist government, under which the government takes control of the economy.

As government jobs have increased, private sector jobs have decreased. At the left, in January 2008, the first month of the Obama Administration, government jobs, in red, number about 22,375, peaked around March, 2009, and declined to about 22,475 in January, 2010, a net gain of about 100 jobs at the start of Obama's third year.

Meanwhile, the blue line, private sector jobs steadily declined from 116,000 to about 107,000, a net loss of 9,000 jobs during the first two years of the Obama Administration.

Data on causes of private sector job loss did not accompany the graph. Possible causes include aggressive government tax collection, corporate debt, failure to raise business investments or to obtain loans, decreased sales and other losses, and ethnic lawsuit settlements like those discussed in earlier blogs with black and ethnic race-based settlements against companies like AIG and Capital One.

These losses heighten corporate interest in changing from product production to import or investment, in hopes of holding on to business money. However, even these endeavors are not safe from losses due to black race-based lawsuit business raids, as in the Delaware AIG loss of over $6 million in a Department of Justice pre-trial settlement.

This graph represents only part of the economy, but this trend is significant. If government is permitted to feed on the private sector through taxes and lawsuits, the government grows larger, controls more of business and society, and becomes a "central ruling party" as is true in communist governments.

Socialist reruitment through racial and ethnic "social justice" issues are part mechanism, part membership in the replacement of the usual impartial departments of the federal government with racial and ethnic social organizers.

It is as if Obama/Holder brought ACORN (Association of Community Organizations Reform Now) to Washington, DC to replace the Department of Justice (DoJ) in many of the issues arising:

-US Civil Rights Commission dismissing charges of intimidation of white voters by the Black Panther Party in Philadelphia, PA,
-ethnic voter registration fraud as permissible within the DoJ in the case of Julie Fernandez, although ACORN/Project Vote is under investigation in Missouri and Nevada for voter registration fraud,
-black and ethnic organizations have called for a boycott of Arizona(AZ) for enforcing immigration laws while Obama brought suit against AZ for their immigration law enforcement. Obama/Hillary Clinton State Department is taking this law to a UN commission with known human rights violator member nations to review, in what many see as an embarrassment to AZ and the USA.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, before his assassination, said, "there is no role for race in government." Bringing race into government has brought the nation to the brink of bankruptcy in ethnic and race-based lawsuits, and opened the door to racial polarization, extortion, and terrorist activity. A later Democratic president, William Jefferson Clinton, gave a presidential pardon to the Puerto Rican terrorist organization, the FALN. Now Americans are faced with the continuing threat of al-Qaida Islamic terrorism, 10 years after the attacks on New York, the Pentagon, and America.

Government, of course, does depend on tax revenue to fund political and civil service employee salaries in the three branches (executive, legislative, and judicial) of government and activities. But government must remain impartial, race-neutral, and smaller than private enterprise, for the survival of the American economy and for its own survival.

The racial and ethnic issues may have diverted many Americans from seeing the deals being made by politicians and bureaucrats. If American politicians and bureaucrats are permitted to restructure the American government and American business without the vote of the people, it has no legitimate constitutional basis.

There are now many millionaires working in government as US Representatives and Senators. The 50 wealthiest as a group were worth $1.4 Billion, an increase by $85.1 Million from 2008. Lawmaker increase in wealth is due to stock market rebounds with large investment portfolios, despite one of the worst economic downturns since The Great Depression. There were rules prohibiting Senators and Representatatives and bureaucrats from using government and government regulation of business to get rich.

Senator John Kerry (Dem-MA) and Representatives Darrel Issa (Rep-CA) and Jane Harman (Dem-CA) are wealthier than a Rockefeller, Sen. Jay Rockefeller (Dem-WV). Lists of the richest senators and representatives omit whether these poilticians were millionaires before politics.

The Obama Administration continues to spend enormous sums of money America does not have, creating over a Trillion dollar deficit for his Administration and a $13 Trillion national debt while funding his special interest groups, blacks and other ethnics. That Obama also throws some to Wall Street ($700 Million) and small business ($230 Million), does not solve the problem of how to regain solvency as a country.

It is time to hold a National Referendum. Do American taxpayers want to continue to be a tax-based economy with a right to control their representatives and government?

Are mainstream Americans willing to trade their civil rights and right to vote in exchange for welfare benefits like food stamps, welfare medical cards, Section 8 or other subsidized housing?

A large number of Obama's constituents are. Many blacks and other ethnics have refused to pay taxes as a protest against America, while demanding welfare benefits. So do 13 million illegals.

If US government representatives, now called politicians, are permitted to become a finanical elite, to get rich through government, to create budgets to appease welfare recipients, and to take some for themselves and their friends, America will have slipped into communism.

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