Monday, July 26, 2010

2: Race for the Funds? Commentary on Civil Rights

(This is the second in a mini-blog series on the issues raised in
1: Race for the Funds?)

(1) Civil rights:
Civil rights applies equally to white as well as black Americans, and members of all other ethnic and racial groups legally in America.

Ms. Shirley Sherrod views herself as a long-time proponent of civil rights. However, Ms. Sherrod appears to believe that civil rights is only an issue for people of color.

Media attention given to black civil rights lawsuits, demonstrations, and issues may have created this misconception or obscured the true meaning of civil rights and equal opportunity under the law for all Americans without regard to race, country of origin, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, and other differences between Americans.

The meaning of civil rights, the right to vote for each legal, law-abiding American and equal protection under the law involving police and the courts has expanded into the economic sphere of private sector jobs, government funding, and other areas. Perhaps this obscures the meaning of civil rights as one person, one vote. It has created a forum for ethnic and special interest groups to lobby for special funding and other unrelated issues.

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