Saturday, September 11, 2010

11: Obama Accounting: Clinton, Obama, The Democratic Party & The Attack on America

The American Flag shown here commemorates the September 11, 2001 Attack on America.

A monthlynotesstaff editor was not in New York City on the day of the plane bombings at the World Trade Center. That editor was in Northern Virginia, 18 miles from the nation's capital in Washington, DC.

About 10AM that morning, the radio was full of concerned reports about damage to the World Trade Center, from one, then two planes ramming into the World Trade Center. Media reports changed from "a terrible accident has occurred" perspective as a third plane bombing was reported within about 30 minutes.

The third media report described the plane bombing of the Pentagon. The Capital Beltway freeway system near the Pentagon was being closed.

Then the fouth bombing was announced, the explosion of a plane flying over Pennsylvania.

America was under attack. And continues to be under attack.

President William Jefferson Clinton's pardon of the Puerto Rican terrorists, the FALN, who claimed responsibility for over 130 bombings from 1974-1983, gave a signal to violent Socialist/Communist terrorists that the US would not fight back in a consistent, concentrated way to stop their Attack on America.

Hillary Clinton's election to the US Senate from New York shortly after being contacted by Puerto Rican Independence proponents, and her husband's Presidential offer of clemency to the FALN terrorists gave a signal to "revolutionary internationalsts" that there were Americans within, in positions of power and authority, who were willing to consider making a deal, whether for votes or for money. The US Senate 75-2 vote denouncing Clinton's pardon of the FALN did not alter what was to be the future course of terrorist activity and invasive action in the US.

In 1994 America was attacked again, a "car bombing" outside of the World Trade Center. The early Al-Qaeda terrorists, led in part by Osama Bin-Laden, had brought America to Afganistan to help fight off the Soviets, who wanted control or something in return for previous Soviet foreign aid to Afghanistan.

Later Saudi Arabian Muslim terrorist Osama bin-Laden changed sides again. Bin-Laden orchestrated the Muslim Al-Qaeda September 11, 2001 World Trade Center bombing.

A basic theme emerges in reviewing the blogs posted by mary for monthlynotesstaff: the blogs are reactions to the Obama Administration, to the black radicalization of the US Government and the movement of money from white and mainstream taxpayers to black, ethnic, and international special interest groups.

Americans must find a way to stop falling back to a position of reacting. We must act, become pro-active, prevent our elected and non-elected government officials from funding black, ethnic, and other socialist/communist causes who do seek to overthrow the American government and our way of life. It is an insidious form of "revolution from within", holding us hostage by appealing to our Christian duty of tolerance and concern for others.

A First Step may be to rename "The Democratic Party" for what is has become, "Social Welfare Democrats", "International Social Democrats", or "Democrat-- Internationalist Socialist/Communist Party". Obama may prefer to rename his the "Black and Ethnic Advance Party", but it does not have that old ring for money from whites.

It is doubtful that any of the racial or ethnic beneficiaries of American money and social welfare benefits would take an "Oath of Allegiance" to the United States of America. Our ancestors did. And we remain loyal to the Oath they took for themselves and their families.

A Second Step may be to require an "Oath of Allegiance" from all who benefit from US government funding, active government and "outsourced", "spin-off" companies.

A Third Step may be to repeal Clinton's "dual citizenship" plan, doubtless done to protect his cronies and contributors from US taxes.

A Fourth Step may be to put a moratorium on federal spending, except for basic services, like basic military defense and veteran medical care, sewer and water filtration, social security retirement "pay-outs" and other current federal pensions, roadway "pothole" repair, and basic, reduced wages and salaries for a substantially downsized number of government employees, unemployment benefits, and food stamps.

A Fifth Step may be to tally the Obama Administration expenditures to determine which discriminate againt white and mainstream citizens by being earmarked for blacks and ethnics. This review could extend back through the Clinton Administration, with some solution for "recovery" of racialist dollars "redistributed".

A Sixth Step must include a re-examination of the principles and policies of the current government of the United States of America.

Many current politicians and government employees use the US government and treasury as a vehicle for ethnic and socialist/communist revolutionary change.

Others use the USA and our Treasury for profiteering and international "wealth building". The wealthy or "wannabe wealthy" must be told to do business in the private sector and to not use the USA or The Treasury as collateral or bank for their own business purposes and profit.

Those are some of our thoughts on September 11. What are yours?

Graphic: American Flag commemorating the September 11, 2001--Attack on America, in Chase's Calendar of Events.

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