Wednesday, September 22, 2010

19: Obama Accounting: How is Muslim "Mainstreet" Different than American "Mainstreet"?

Modern American "Mainstreet" is more generally product, money, and profit oriented and motivated. More recently, Black and other ethnic group insistence on "minority" small business loans and government grants has changed America's Mainstreet.

The stated purpose for government intervention for ethnic business funding has been "to level the playing field" for all members of a diverse population, to allow everyone to be part of the American "melting pot". However, many black and ethnic business leaders are "activists" for business and political "transfer of power" and "redistribution of wealth" in America.

The current rise of Islam in America is partly a result, partly a cause of the Black civil rights movement, in which many American Blacks found the "faith" in becoming Muslim-identified, not in becoming part of a more diverse America.

Muslims organize around Islam as a religious, political, cultural, social, and business focus. White Christian Americans organize around many other issues in business and in politics other than race, ethnic origin, or religion, for example, product safety, cost, wages, taxes.

This information from "Mainstreet Powered by the Street" may help clarify how business may be done among different groups. An international survey asked:
"Is religion an important part of your life?"
Those who answered "Yes", by country:

US: 56%
Egypt: 100%
Sweden: 17%

Graphic: Crescent & Star from The Illustrated Book of Signs & Symbols, M. Bruce-Mitford.

References: S. Freigerman on Mainstreet Powered by the

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