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9: Obama Accounting: "A House Divided"--Reconstruction Then, Cabinet Advocacy Now.

Lincoln's War began in 1861, ended in 1865. Before the close of the Civil War, Reconstruction had begun. Reconstruction remedied the slavery question: prohibited Constitutionally in Article 9(1) and by several other regional, state, and local laws, affecting less than 700,000 people, many of whom bartered labor for room and board and farm products, 90% of whom resided in 4 states, many of whom were illegals engaged with "slave dealers" in illegal activity.

Reconstruction produced three Consitiutional Amendments:
1865: 13th Amendment: Slavery prohibited.
1866: 14th Amendment: Former US slaves granted citizenship, including right to vote.
1870: 15th Amendment: Black Suffrage, voting rights restated.

The new nation arose from the War of Independence from Great Britain, in 1776. The US Constitution, including the three Reconstruction Admendments, was ratified by
1891. The problem was solved.

Despite Lincoln's advice to reunite the nation "with malice toward none", the legacy of the Reconstruction has been replayed regularly in the 145 years since the end of the Civil War.

The Obama legacy reflects back on where he arose. From black community organizer, to law school, to black activist in Illinois politics, Obama concentrated on black causes and demanding funding for black causes.

Like his political mentors from the 1960s, The Black Panther Party, Obama focused on racial profiling in the 1990s Illinois legislature. It is a legally expensive but empty circular argument: demand police officers make detailed racial notes about suspects, then bring lawsusits against the police department, city, county, and state governments for "racial profiling".

It is a form of the "de facto" fallacy in reasoning. If the police patrol a predominantly black neighborhood, police will stop more blacks than whites, because there are more blacks than whites in the area they patrol.

From ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now)/Project Vote registration, Obama sought to redraw districts with high numbers of blacks for ease of electing black candidates, large contingency fees or commissions from a 1995 $500 million federal civil rights lawsuit settlement against the state of Illinois on behalf of ACORN/Project Vote. And Obama sought votes for his campaigns for the Illinois legislature. Obama lost money for Cook County and Illinois. In a lawsuit against Cook County Hospital and the Hebtoen Research institute, the County lost $5 million back to the federal government from Cook County Hospital and $500,000 from Hebtoen.

The Obama/Holder Department of Justice (DoJ) continues Obama's legacy of black and ethnic advocacy. The AIG/Wilmington Finance lawsuit discussed in an earlier blog
("2: Obama Accounting: Black Funding and Lawsuit Settlements") delivered a $6.1 Million dollar settlement from AIG for wholesale broker fees involving an Afro-American mortgage company, without a finding of AIG wrongdoing. DoJ demanded $1 Million go to an "approved" ACORN-type financial literacy and credit counselling company.

Black and ethnic advocacy has become DoJ policy. In 2009, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julia Fernandez stated she would not support any enforcement of federal "Motor Voter" law Section 5 which requires the state to periodically purge voter rolls of dead people, felons, illegal voters, and those who have moved out of state. Fernandez stated "We are not interested in those kind of cases. What do they have to do with helping increase minority access and turnout? We want to increase access to the ballot, not limit it." What outrageous federal encouragement of voter fraud, and possibly "stuffing the ballot box" for the Administration-supported candidate and cause.

Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Division Thomas Perez restates the "de facto" lawsuit approach as the "disparate impact theory": there may be no intent to discriminate but there is a difference in results". This theory has been applied to school test scores (as in "Race for the Top" funding) and mortgage lending (as in the AIG/Wilmington, DE mortgage case mentioned above). Under this theory, white residents of any city, county, or state should be able to successfully win lawsuits for disproportionate lack of cheap housing for whites in cheaper, predominantly colored inner city neighborhoods. Whites must have been denied cheap housing in those neighborhoods, otherwise at least an equal number of whites would be living there.

Thomas Perez was a former aid to the late Senator Ted Kennedy. As an ethnic activist and Councilman in Montgomery City, Maryland, Perez promoted in-state tuition funding and drivers' licenses for Hispanic and other illegals.

Obama lawyer Craig Becker, National Labor Relations Board, formerly employed by the SEIU Service Employees International Union and affiliated with the AFL-CIO, has been investigated for ethical complaints. Becker revealed insidious special interest group government bureaucratic strategies stating "major policy changes could be implemented without legislative approval".

To save the United States from being revised from within, the educated electorate will need to monitor meetings and policies of all governmental departments, a return to large news staffs sorting through voluminous government settlements and other documents. A down-sized government bureaucracy at the federal and other levels would help make this task less formidable.

The Obama/Hillary Clinton State Department has been working with local and regional "advocacy groups" termed NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to prepare the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Report. Obama's submission of the Arizona Immigration Law to the UN is a very controversial appeal for support for his anti-Arizona law position outside of the United States.

Membership in the UN Council for Human Rights (UNCHR) and the proposal for the human rights Periodic Review was rejected by the Bush Administration for including known human rights violators like Libya and China. The UNCHR policies make it easier for known human rights violator countries to join the council, than to be dismissed for human rights violations. The UNHRC could become a council of human rights violators ignoring or promoting human rights violations.

The Obama/Clinton State Department also has been in the news for advocating "Muslim outreach" by paying travel expenses for Near Ground Zero Fitness Center & Mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf to travel to and from Muslim countries.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) too deserves mention for offering Shirley Sherrod a job in "Advocacy and Outreach" after her racially offensive statements about not offering the "full force of my help" to a white farmer as Georgia Rural Director with a $2 Billion budget. USDA missed a teachable moment" about how racial respect goes both ways. Only CNN Cooper and Johns covered this and other comments by her black activist husband Charles Sherrod. On this broadcast CNN noted the $1.15 Billion "Pigford Farm" federal settlement to the Sherrods and other black farmers.

Department of Education (DoEd) Secretary Arne Duncan of the $4.3 Billion "Race to the Top" emailed over 4,000 department employees to attend Al Sharpton's counter-rally to the August 28, 2010 Glen Beck Lincoln Monument event. This raises questions of violaions of The Hatch Act which forbids federal employees from participating in political campaigns, particulary those espoused by the current administration. David Boaz of the libertarian Cato Institute noted the email "sends a signal that activity on behalf of one side of a political debate is expected within a department. It is highly inappropriate...even in the absence of a direct threat", sic, of job loss, loss of promotion, etc. at work, for not participating.

Arne Duncan called education "the civil rights issue of our generation" thus politicizing DoEd including the "Race to the Top" and changing education funding into Black Racial Politics.

Also disappointing was Washington, DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton's statement that Beck's rally "would change nothing...We will move rght over you."
What most Americans understood as equal opportunity for everyone was changed into a Black Power message of "redistribution of wealth" and "transfer of power" from whites to blacks.

Obama have changed American politics into a Black Supremacist takeover of a non-racially motivated Government and, of course, the Treasury.

The financial cost of these black and ethnic advocacy programs is phenomenal, more so during a $12.9 Trillion dollar deficit. How much of the deficit is direct cost for these advocacy programs? The ethical and moral damage done by black racializing our historically democratic government, traditionally striving for fairness and impartiality, is inestimable.

Graphic: Scales and fasces, attributes of Justice, Cartari, 1647, in Dictionary of Symbolism, H Biedermann.

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