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23: Obama Accounting: "State Capitalism" vs. Private Capitalism in Employment.

The "Charticle" graph to the left dramatically depicts the Obama Administration shift from private enterprise American capitalism employment to "state capitalism", an early form of socialist/communist government, under which the government takes control of the economy.

As government jobs have increased, private sector jobs have decreased. At the left, in January 2008, the first month of the Obama Administration, government jobs, in red, number about 22,375, peaked around March, 2009, and declined to about 22,475 in January, 2010, a net gain of about 100 jobs at the start of Obama's third year.

Meanwhile, the blue line, private sector jobs steadily declined from 116,000 to about 107,000, a net loss of 9,000 jobs during the first two years of the Obama Administration.

Data on causes of private sector job loss did not accompany the graph. Possible causes include aggressive government tax collection, corporate debt, failure to raise business investments or to obtain loans, decreased sales and other losses, and ethnic lawsuit settlements like those discussed in earlier blogs with black and ethnic race-based settlements against companies like AIG and Capital One.

These losses heighten corporate interest in changing from product production to import or investment, in hopes of holding on to business money. However, even these endeavors are not safe from losses due to black race-based lawsuit business raids, as in the Delaware AIG loss of over $6 million in a Department of Justice pre-trial settlement.

This graph represents only part of the economy, but this trend is significant. If government is permitted to feed on the private sector through taxes and lawsuits, the government grows larger, controls more of business and society, and becomes a "central ruling party" as is true in communist governments.

Socialist reruitment through racial and ethnic "social justice" issues are part mechanism, part membership in the replacement of the usual impartial departments of the federal government with racial and ethnic social organizers.

It is as if Obama/Holder brought ACORN (Association of Community Organizations Reform Now) to Washington, DC to replace the Department of Justice (DoJ) in many of the issues arising:

-US Civil Rights Commission dismissing charges of intimidation of white voters by the Black Panther Party in Philadelphia, PA,
-ethnic voter registration fraud as permissible within the DoJ in the case of Julie Fernandez, although ACORN/Project Vote is under investigation in Missouri and Nevada for voter registration fraud,
-black and ethnic organizations have called for a boycott of Arizona(AZ) for enforcing immigration laws while Obama brought suit against AZ for their immigration law enforcement. Obama/Hillary Clinton State Department is taking this law to a UN commission with known human rights violator member nations to review, in what many see as an embarrassment to AZ and the USA.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, before his assassination, said, "there is no role for race in government." Bringing race into government has brought the nation to the brink of bankruptcy in ethnic and race-based lawsuits, and opened the door to racial polarization, extortion, and terrorist activity. A later Democratic president, William Jefferson Clinton, gave a presidential pardon to the Puerto Rican terrorist organization, the FALN. Now Americans are faced with the continuing threat of al-Qaida Islamic terrorism, 10 years after the attacks on New York, the Pentagon, and America.

Government, of course, does depend on tax revenue to fund political and civil service employee salaries in the three branches (executive, legislative, and judicial) of government and activities. But government must remain impartial, race-neutral, and smaller than private enterprise, for the survival of the American economy and for its own survival.

The racial and ethnic issues may have diverted many Americans from seeing the deals being made by politicians and bureaucrats. If American politicians and bureaucrats are permitted to restructure the American government and American business without the vote of the people, it has no legitimate constitutional basis.

There are now many millionaires working in government as US Representatives and Senators. The 50 wealthiest as a group were worth $1.4 Billion, an increase by $85.1 Million from 2008. Lawmaker increase in wealth is due to stock market rebounds with large investment portfolios, despite one of the worst economic downturns since The Great Depression. There were rules prohibiting Senators and Representatatives and bureaucrats from using government and government regulation of business to get rich.

Senator John Kerry (Dem-MA) and Representatives Darrel Issa (Rep-CA) and Jane Harman (Dem-CA) are wealthier than a Rockefeller, Sen. Jay Rockefeller (Dem-WV). Lists of the richest senators and representatives omit whether these poilticians were millionaires before politics.

The Obama Administration continues to spend enormous sums of money America does not have, creating over a Trillion dollar deficit for his Administration and a $13 Trillion national debt while funding his special interest groups, blacks and other ethnics. That Obama also throws some to Wall Street ($700 Million) and small business ($230 Million), does not solve the problem of how to regain solvency as a country.

It is time to hold a National Referendum. Do American taxpayers want to continue to be a tax-based economy with a right to control their representatives and government?

Are mainstream Americans willing to trade their civil rights and right to vote in exchange for welfare benefits like food stamps, welfare medical cards, Section 8 or other subsidized housing?

A large number of Obama's constituents are. Many blacks and other ethnics have refused to pay taxes as a protest against America, while demanding welfare benefits. So do 13 million illegals.

If US government representatives, now called politicians, are permitted to become a finanical elite, to get rich through government, to create budgets to appease welfare recipients, and to take some for themselves and their friends, America will have slipped into communism.

Graphic: Charticle: "Public-Private Employment (Seasonally Adjusted), Veronique de Rugy: Mercatus Center for

Other references: The Washington Examiner, The

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