Tuesday, October 5, 2010

28: Obama Accounting: Why is the US So Entangled with Al-Qaida?--4

The US has become entangled in the wars of the Middle East: in the Arab-Israel Wars, the Lebanon Muslim vs. Christian conflict, the Muslim Sectarian Wars in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, now Afghanistan again. So entangled, that most US citizens, politicians, or government bureaucrats do not recognize the similarities at home.

Undocumented travelers or illegals crossing borders is a significant part of the problem in the Middle East. Muslims of different sects and national origin rush over borders to overthrow other Arab governments. Al-Qaida has become the primary ideological and action organization for these efforts. Iran-based Hamas fights wars in the Gaza Strip against Israel.

In the US, Hamas raises money from US naturalized, student and worker visa holding Muslims, foreign Muslims living in the United States, and sympathizers to fight al-Qaida's wars in the Middle East. The Near Ground Zero Fitness Center/Mosque experince illustates how entrenched, well-financed, and politically connected many sectarian al-Qaida-linked Muslims living in the United States have become.

William J. Clinton Administration's offers of "dual citizenship", depite the smaller 1993 World Trade Center vehicle bombing, have allowed Muslims to live very successfully. Many continue to organize Muslim "inroads" in the United States and to support Muslim revolutionary groups in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Canada.

US oil and other business trading in the Middle East started earlier. By 1973 OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) and Arab oil-producing nations, had raised gasoline prices in the US, Britain, and the West creating financial stresses on Western domestic economies. Gasoline prices have increased from 69 cents per gallon of 87% octane regular to $2.69 per gallon this morning, a better price than in some parts of the US.

Huge money losses domestically, while some US citizens "made money" in the oil trades on Wall Street has significantly contributed to US domestic and financial stresses. Business dealings with the Middle East from George H.W. Bush's Abscam through George W. Bush Administration's Halliburton issues have provided many media stories. There are so many stories of conflict of interest and corruption, seemingly on a daily basis. Few journalists have been able leave their more entrenched positions on the left or the right wings to describe the damage to the US and the US economy.

There has to be a better way than to have US and Western military follow al-Qaida fighting from one attack site to another. This month Western anti-terrorist forces follow al-Qaida to new terror targets, perhaps somewhere in Europe or Africa. In the US, uniformed special security forces will be seen on Amtrak trains, to deter al-Qaida efforts here.

Is the goal in the Middle East to protect the Christian and Jewish populations in this region of the origin of 3 major religions, Judaism, Chritianity, and Islam? What if the only way to end US loss of life and money in the Middle East is to find a new home for the Christians and the Jews outside of the Middle East? Then it would be wise for the West to also send the Muslims home to their Muslim countries of origin to fight their sectarian wars, while the West regains domestic and financial peace and stability.

The US and other Western economies are now being "decoupled" from the faster growing "third world" country economies. Why not also separate and repatriate?

The United States of America is not the United Nations. The United Nations obviously is too large and too diverse to govern. Countries continue to opt in and opt out of the United Nations when their interests cannot be respected or maintained.

Western countries have reached political and financial crisis points, patiently trying to integate often violent ethnic groups who seek to overthrow or take control, rather than become part of existing democratic structures of Western government.

US citizens are losing their civil liberties as police become too involved in the every day lives of citizens. More uniformed security guards or police on Amtrak trains tells the story of a slowly developing phase of "martial law" during efforts to prevent al-Qaida or other terrorist attacks.

White, mainstream US citizens are stopped or questioned by traffic police more frequently, as often as monthly or even weekly, as over 13 Million undocumented travelers or illegals pour across the US borders.

Most US citizens are accustomed to carrying their Driver License, to prevent unnecessary inconvenience when stopped by police. It is hard for most US citizens to understand why illegals do not do the same.

All the illegal needs to do is to go to their immigration office for the proper travel permit, go to the US immigration office to present their country of origin identification, pay the Passport fee, follow the process for citizenship, and, of course, get onto the taxpayer list in the United States of America.

The creation of factory, sales, and other business jobs would be more conducive to a peaceful, productive society than federal funding of additional police jobs. These jobs would be better accepted by US citizens if related to solving the illegal issues, and to prevent undocumented possible foreign terrorists from freely traveling, rather then stopping and questioning US citizens.

Graphic: Detour sign, Chase's Calendar of Events, 2010.

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