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25: Obama Accounting: Why Is the US So Entangled with Al-Qaida?--1

The United States of America and her citizens lives are on hold, on a long, dangerous, deathly, and expensive detour from normal American life because of al-Qaeda and the worldwide Muslim Jihad. Why?

Reason One: the US may not be familiar with al-Qaeda's goals. A better understanding of al-Qaeda's goals will help the US to develop a better plan against al-Qaeda.

On March 11, 2005, Al-Quds Al-Arabi released this 5 stage summary from Saif al-Adel's document, "Al-Qaeda's Strategy to the Year 2020".

1. Provoke the US into invading a Muslim country.
2. Incite local resistance to the occupying (US, NATO) forces.
3. Expand the conflict to neighboring countries and engage the US in a long war of attrition.
4. Convert al-Qaeda into an ideology and set of operating principles which can be loosely franchised in other countries, without direct command and control. Then attack countries allied with the US until US allies withdraw from conflict.
(Al-Qaeda saw success with this strategy in the 2004 Madrid, Spain train bombings, interpreting Spain's reply as withdraw from the US. Al-Qaeda did not see success in the same strategy in the July 7, 2005 London bombings.)
5a. US economy will finally collapse under the strain of too many engagements in too many places, similar to the result in the earlier war in Afghanistan.
5b. Arab regimes suppported by the US will collapse.
5c. Wahhabi Caliphate will be installed.

If the US interrupts al-Qaeda's plan at any stage, al-Qaeda will face defeat.

It is important to note Step 5c. Al-Qaeda's goal is to establish a Middle Eastern Muslim empire, the Wahhabi Caliphate.

The larger goal is to establish a worldwide Muslim Caliphate by bankrupting the US, by causing a large number of war sites around the world over a prolonged time. The large influx of Muslims into the United States of America, and Canada as a northern access border, during this time must be considered as the early stages of a Muslim invasion to establish the Caliphate. The Near Ground Zero Fitness Center/Mosque has great significance for Muslims, and obviously for US Citizens, in this context.

While US soldiers are off at war, the Muslims, many of whom are included in the over 13 Million undocumented international travelers, the illegals, cross our borders, from the south from Mexico, from the north from Canada, and by boat along our eastern and western coasts.

News alerts on October 1, 2010 warn that Europe is under threat in Germany, France, and Britain. Also, Osama bin-Laden reportedly has released new videotaped commentary requesting aid for Pakistan flood victims and urging al-Qaeda action. Currently, Osama bin-Laden targeted Saudi Arabia, his country of origin, from which he was exiled for condemning the deployment of US troops against Iraq during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the House of Saud (Saudi Arabia).

The danger of Muslim immigration and mixing populations also is evident in the European threats. Muslims in Germany have become very involved. Al-Qaeda attackers met at the Hamburg, Germany mosque, recently closed, to plan the Ground Zero plane bombing attacks. Mohamed Atta, an Egyptian, was a German student, prior to piloting American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

US citizens, known for humanitarian aid around the world and as a safe haven for immigrants from war-torn nations, would be naive to overlook al-Qaeda's international plan for fundamentalist Muslim conquest.

Virtue is lost by a tolerance which exposes one to risk of loss of life and freedom.

Graphic: Detour sign, Chase's Calendar of Events, 2010.

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